Overaseas and China Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas and China Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions


Talk with GSP about “Making it in China or Taiwan” today. Find out WHY overseas manufacturing – complete with satisfaction guarantee – is the smart move for your business and continued success..

Is China manufacturing right for my company?

If your company is in jeopardy of losing market share because of the high costs of the products that you produce or sell, then China or Taiwan manufacturing should be considered as a very viable alternative.

  • Consider when:
    When your products are labor-intensive; or they are produced with repeatable processes.
  • If you need to expand your manufacturing capacity but can’t justify the costs immediately.
  • You want to produce your component in different materials without incurring large-scale prototyping costs… for all these circumstances, there are cost-effective options provided by fabrication in Asia. Tooling often costs much less than comparable U.S. tooling costs.

What do I need to get started?

We use the items and information described below to source suitable manufacturers for your product:

  1. Samples
  2. Engineering drawings, material specifications or a bill of materials
  3. Estimated annual and shipment quantities
  4. Target pricing
  5. Delivery location
  6. Any special standards, certifications, regulations, or testing requirements that apply to the product
  7. Packaging requirements

Once we collect this information from you, we can begin the sourcing process in China and/ or Taiwan

How is high quality assured in custom-manufactured products?

GSP evaluates the factories it sources. We have overseas contacts that will assist us in determining the factories capabilities to do your job.  Does the factory have a sophisticated quality control system – factors like this are important. GSP also matches the quality control standards to the component part to be produced. Those quality control standards are determined prior to production and are closely inspected to assure that the product is what you are expecting.

Do you only manufacture in China?

GSP has many factories in both China and Taiwan that it works with on a regular basis. These factories are where we find the best quality and value for our customers.

How long until my order is completed and delivered?

The first order always takes a bit longer than subsequent re-orders.  If tooling is required, sampling will be necessary for your inspection and approval prior to production.  If the first samples are approved, ordering raw materials, production, inspection and shipping can cause delivery on the first run to be anywhere from 4 to 8 months.  Re-orders will generally take 60 to 90 days for delivery from the time of order.